SculpSure 25 Minute Body Contouring Treatment

If you’d like to get rid of those stubborn areas of fat and slim down for the summer, surgery isn’t your only option. There’s a revolutionary new non-invasive treatment called SculpSure that can blast away that fat for you. But how does it work, and how many SculpSure treatments do you need to see results.

SculpSure 101

SculpSure is a 25 minute body contouring treatment that can smooth unwanted bulges on the abdomen and flanks. It is the first hyperthermic laser treatment that has been FDA approved for non-surgical fat reduction. SculpSure is a totally non-invasiveprocedure, which means there are no needles, no incisions, and no downtime. Buthow does it work.

SculpSure uses laser energy to physically disruptand ultimately destroy fat cells. The device has 4 separate handpieces, which makes it very versatile, because it can treat both large and small areas. It can also be customized to meet each patient’s specific body contouring needs.

The laser light from the 1060 nm laser penetrates the skin, targeting the fat cells. The laser heats the adipose tissue to a temperature between 42 to 47 degrees Celsius, causing the fat cells to die. The body then naturally eliminates the fatover the weeks that follow.

Is it painful?

SculpSure treatment is not painful, and is usually well tolerated. However, patients will feel a warm sensation as the laser light treats the fat cells. SculpSure has an efficient cooling system that keeps the surface of the skin cool, while the laser heats the fat.

Are there any side-effects

There are no major side effects associated with SculpSure, but patients may experience some numbness and tenderness after treatment. These symptoms typically resolve within a day or two. Since the SculpSure laser does not affect the surface of the skin, there is no chance of patients experiencing any skin damage.

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