Backhoe Loaders

A backhoe loader is a type of farm tractor that has been modified to be suitable for construction work. It usually has bucket and a shovel attachment and has more torque and horsepower to do heavier. Instead of using a bulldozer a tractor can be suitable for small demolition jobs, and it’s much cheaper to do so, that’s why backhoe loaders are so famous.

Case 1190 tractor manual

The utility of having multiple attachments makes the backhoe loader an excellent tool for urban construction. If you want to pave a road, you can use a backhoe with a dozer blade attachment to move the rubble or a ripper attachment to break the asphalt. This type of tractor is admired because of its relatively small frame and its precise control; because the backhoe usually has attachments on both sides that makes it more stable than a regular tractor, with weight on both sides its less prone to overturns.

The most famous backhoe loader manufacturer is the JCB, which is a United Kingdom based heavy equipment manufacturer. It’s so famous for its backhoe that the term JCB is sometime used in place of backhoe loader. Additionally, Oxford Dictionary has the term JCB meaning backhoe; however, JCB is still a trademarked term.